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We have a great group of people dedicated to raising TOTAL PERFORMANCE Cattle.  They average 14 years of service.  Their combination of experience and talent is why we say TOTAL PERFORMANCE is not a slogan at Wagonhammer, it’s a PROGRAM.

Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf is a 3rd generation cattleman from Albion, NE.  Jay and his family own Wagonhammer Cattle Co. which celebrated its 100th year in 2010.  Jay is a University of Nebraska Lincoln graduate.  After spending four years as a banker in Denver, he returned home in 1984 to manage the family business.  Jay is a Past President of the Nebraska Cattlemen, has served on the board of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board.  In 2016 Jay was inducted into the Nebraska Cattlemen Hall of Fame.  He is a member of Ag Builders of Nebraska and the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement.  Jay is active in supporting the University of Nebraska and was the 2008 Block and Bridle Club Honoree. He is also active in local community organizations.  Jay and his wife, Susie, have been married for over 35 years and have 3 children.  Mitchell is an occupational therapist in the San Diego area, Alex manages a grain purchasing group for the Scoular Company in Omaha, and Hilary is veterinarian in a small animal clinic in Omaha.  Hilary married Ryan Opdahl in 2016.  Ryan is a  chemical engineer and a great addition to our family.

WAR Final Answer X020 U182

X020 is the mother of WAR Bullet Proof C357 who is doing a great job for Wagonhammer and Mill Bar Angus as well as the 2017 top selling bull, WAR Generation D243 X020 to J & J Angus in Iowa. With two daughters in the herd and two top sellers, it was time to get this girl into the donor pen. Look for a lot more progeny from this powerhouse Final Answer daughter in the years to come!

WAR Bullet Proof C357

Top seller in the 2016 Sale to Mill Bar Angus, Hayes Center, NE.
A KM Broken Bow son out of a top Final Answer Daughter with 4 calves at 105
BW 88#, WW 681#, YW 1390#, SC 41 cm at 11 mos.
WW ratio 108, YW ratio 112
We think he is the best prospect we’ve ever raised and we’re using him hard in our herd.
We can’t find a hole in him, he’s Bullet Proof
Semen available from owners.

To view WAR Bullet Proof C357’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link

WAR Pwyt’s Warwagon D502

The top selling bull of the 2018 Total Performance Production Sale to Swanson Cattle Company and Glover Cattle Company, Warwagon looks like he’s going to make a mark across three breeds. This highly fertile 1682 son put up 1,600 units of semen in about 3 weeks at stud and has continued as a breeding bull in the pasture (picture taken at Swanson Cattle breeding pasture). Both his Safeguard dam and Rocky granddam are beautiful moderate framed females that are highly fertile and consistently early calving. His combination of a 10 CED to 120 YW, a top 20% $B and exceptional phenotype make him a bull that fits a lot of industry needs and one we are excited to have calves out of.

Click here for his pedigree and EPDs

Styles Upgrade:

Upgrade is an outstanding Sitz Upward son with a strong pedigree & EPDs for calving ease, growth and maternal. He has tremendous volume with exceptional soundness and he definitely has the Herd Bull Look. Here is a photo of Upgrade’s Dam. We are very excited to own this outstanding Herd Bull with Baldridge Bros.  Upgrade sons have been sale toppers at every Wagonhammer Production Sale. Stop in and look at his calves and you’ll know why. Semen Available from the owners.

To view Upgrade’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.  Performance Pedigree Link

Joe Epperly

Wagonhammer is excited to welcome Joe Epperly as its new Seedstock Manager.  His primary responsibilities will be Sales and Genetics for our Angus and Charolais programs.  He grew up on a diversified livestock operation in central Virginia comprised mainly of registered Angus seedstock along with commercial cattle, quarter horses, sheep and goats. Joe also spent much of his youth heavily involved in the family livestock market as well as 4-H, FFA and the National Junior Angus Association. He received his B.S. in Animal Science from Virginia Tech where he was on the livestock judging team and worked on the college research farm. Prior to joining Wagonhammer, Joe worked for the North American Limousin Foundation for seven years, first as the Director of Commercial Marketing before becoming the Assistant Executive Director. He has served on the board of the Beef Improvement Federation and the International Limousin Council. He enjoys judging cattle, fitting calves, and golf.  Give Joe a call to set up a ranch visit or just talk cattle.  (303) 884-3900

Bred Heifers for Sale

Wagonhammer has a fancy set of home raised Commercial Bred Heifers for sale. They are Angus and Angus X due to start March 1st AI’d to Connealy Answer 8748, KCF Bennett Architect, and Lucky 7 Copyright and cleaned up with Wagonhammer calving ease Angus bulls for 45 days. Some of these heifers can be registered. Contact Joe at 303-884-3900 for more details.


Fall Pairs for Sale Friday, September 29 in Burwell


Selling September 29th at Burwell Livestock Market Video Auction

35-40 Cow/calf pairs from the heart of the Wagonhammer fall herd with buyer’s choice on head count. Cows will be Angus, Angus Cross and Charolais cross with calves at side by Wagonhammer Angus and Charolais bulls. Cows will range in age from 3-9 and calves will be a minimum 30 days old.

All calves will have Ultrachoice 7, Inforce 3 and BVD. Bull calves will be knife cut. Cows will get Preg guard 10 and be wormed with Dectomax. Delivery: October 15-31 at ranch 15 miles west of Elgin, NE.

Video is of the fall calving cows that this group will come out of.

For more information call Joe Epperly at 303-884-3900 or Jay Wolf at 402-920-2853.

Click here to view on Burwell Livestock’s website.

Steve Shermer

Steve is the Ranch Manager and lives near Bartlett on the Wagonhammer South Ranch.  He grew up in Burwell and spent 15 years at the historic King Ranch in south Texas before joining Wagonhammer in 2002.  Steve’s experience and expertise were critical assets during the historic drought of 2012/2013.  Thanks to Steve and his crew, we were able to maintain our herd and the health of our range.  Steve and his wife Yanci have two children.  Daughter Justine and husband Andrew Smith have two children.  Son Chantz is a student at NE Community College in Sterling Co.  Steve raises quarter horses and you can view them here.

Don Kahl

Donnie’s career at Wagonhammer began in 1982.  He lives at the West Ranch with his wife, Peg.  Donnie looks after several hundred commercial cows and has a high standard of care for both the cattle and the range.  Donnie’s son, Trevor, is a recent graduate of Chadron St. College.

Justin Blackburn

Justin is the foreman on our East Ranch where we run the registered herd, the fall herd, and put up the majority of hay for our operation.  He and his family joined us in early 2016.  Justin and his wife Sarah are busy people.  Triplet boys will do that to you: Kaiden, Everett, and Tehl.  For good measure, they have a daugher too, Aubrey.

KG Contractor

KG Contractor is the kind of bull ranchers demand.  Calving ease with growth, a moderate frame that is deep and structurally correct.  He’s a complete outcross for most of our customers.  You’ll see Contractor’s first get at the ranch this summer.

To view KG Contractor 4744’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.

Performance Pedigree link

WAR Black Granite C060

2nd Top Seller in the 2016 Sale RB Angus, Albion, NE.
A Connealy Black Granite son out of an outstanding  Connealy Final Product 1st calf heifer.
BW 72#, WW 660#, YW 1381#, SC 39 cm at 11 mos.
WW ratio 122, YW ratio 116, Ribeye ratio 118, IMF ratio 116
Great calving ease with TOTAL PERFORMANCE.
Semen available from owners.

To view WAR Black Granite C060’s Performance Pedigree, click on this link

Steve Growcock

Steve and his wife Ashley joined Wagonhammer in 2016.    They have a couple of growing boys, Ty and Garrett.  Steve works with the registered cattle on the East Ranch.  Steve and Ashley grew up in NW Missouri.  Steve enjoys roping and hunting.

Tom Shaw

Tom Shaw, a member of the crew since 1988, lives in Bartlett and splits his time between ranches.
Tom’s family includes wife Sue, daughters Traci and Tori and eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter McKinley Sage. Tom enjoys family cookouts and Nebraska sports.

Alan Snider

Al looks after the South Ranch Registered Charolais herd.  Al and wife Kathy have been with Wagonhammer since 1997 and have raised their family on the South Ranch. The Sniders love rodeo and Kathy is an accomplished photographer.

Musgrave InVision 304-132

Here is a son of Musgrave Invsion we purchased from the 2015 Musgrave Angus Sale.  A fault free kind of a bull that is well-muscled and correct with a nice look.  He ranks in the to 1% for $Wean values yet retains calving ease.  He is out of a HA Image Maker Dam that holds a NR of 7@103 and has produced several herd sires including Musgrave Finalist.  We will be featuring  calves out of Musgrave Invision in our 2017 sale.  Stop in and see the calves this summer.

To view Musgrave InVision’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.   Performance Pedigree link

High Point TenX 4055

The talk of High Point’s 2015 Sale, this is a beef bull.  Now his first calf crop is on the ground at Wagonhammer and what an outstanding set it is.  High Point TenX is out of a Touchdown first calf heifer.  He has the spread cowmen want, and the volume and fleshing ability we need.

To view High Point TenX 4055’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.

Performance Pedigree link

WAR Cavalry B063

WAR Cavalry B063 was the lead off lot in Wagonhammer’s 2015 Total Performance Sale.   He is a son of Connealy Cavalry 1149 and a first calf CC&7 daughter.  He had the Top WW & WW EPD, 2nd Top ADG, and Top YW & YW EPD in the entire Wagonhammer lineup.  Mr K Angus, Clarks NE purchased 2/3 interest.   Semen available from the Owners.

To view WAR Cavlary B063’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.   Performance Pedigree link

WR Foreman D602

Foreman is the product of a proven mating designed for multi-trait excellence and is homozygous polled. His dam and grand-dam (dam to WR Travel Agent) both serve as donors in our program. He is a big gauged individual with extra depth in his heart and forerib, a thick top and square hip. Foreman defines performance excellence with contemporary group ratios of 71, 113 and 111 for birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight, respectively and is breed leading in his combination of CED to YW EPDs.

Semen available from ST Genetics by clicking here.

Click here for his pedigree and EPDs

HF Patriot 38A

HF Patriot is a complete out cross pedigree for our customers.  He comes from the great herd, Hamilton Farms, in Canada.  Patriot combines ideal phenotype with great thickness and structural correctness.  Patriot had many friends in Denver and he was a member of the Reserve Champion Early Pen of Three Bulls.  When you study him in detail, it is hard to fault him in any way.  His first calf crop were very will received at our 2016 Production Sale.  They looked like their daddy.  Real rancher bulls.  Semen available.

To view Patriot’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.  Performance Pedigree link

Montana WA Trust 5A

Trust is expressively muscled, masculine, deep-ribbed, with a great disposition.  He is a true out cross for our customers.  This calving ease son of the popular AI sire, Sydgen Trust, recorded a gain ratio of 110. His dam is sired by the balanced-trait and leading ribeye EPD sire, New Day 454.  Trust was the the co-top seller in the 2014 Montana Angus Sale.

To view Trust’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.  Performance Pedigree link

WDZ Kingsman 737 P

Kingsman was our selection out of the Zehnder-Waage Partnership pen at the 2018 NWSS where he was described by judge John McCurry as the most unique bull in the show. He combines that high quality phenotype with a great disposition and a balanced set of numerical figures. He was a favorite during his time at stud and has continued that trend among visitors to the ranch. His 2019 calf crop should be exciting. Semen available $30 straw/$30 certificate.

Click here for pedigree and EPDs

WAR Pay Grade:

The top seller in our 2013 Total Performance Production Sale.  He is a son of Styles Upgrade and a 2yr old Pioneer Dam. He is an Upgrade to his very popular sire with: More calving ease, more growth, more end power, breed leading CED, and milk and growth that rank in the top 5% of the breed.  The stud of his class posting 113 WW, 105 YW, 125 Marb and 114 REA ratios. Deep ribbed, big bodied, big square hipped with a stout and attractive look.  Owned with Lienemann  Cattle Co. and leased ST Genetics.  Contact ST Genetics for semen.



Copyright is a complete out cross sire for everyone.  He has tremendous spread from birth to yearling EPDs.  Copyright is extremely long sided, sound on his feet and legs, easy fleshing, and big bodied.  He is stamping his calves with the same look.  Semen available.

To view Copyright’s Performance Pedigree, click on the link below.  When the Angus Assoc. website appears, click on SEARCH and the pedigree will appear.   Performance Pedigree link