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Established 1910 

Celebrating Our 1st 100 Years



Jay Wolf


 wh0.gif (87 bytes)Wagonhammer is a diversified cattle operation located in Nebraska's majestic Sandhills near Albion and Bartlett, NE. Our registered Angus herd of 400 mother cows produces performance tested bulls and heifers for commercial cattlemen throughout the central US. We have been a source of TOTAL PERFORMANCE cattle for over 50 years.  We have been raising Charolais since the 1960s and sell bulls private treaty. Wagonhammer's dedication to balanced cattle that work in the cow-calf segment as well as the feedlot explain why they are so popular with cattlemen. Wagonhammer understands what cowmen require in their pursuit of profitability.  We produce cattle that fill those needs.

wh0.gif (87 bytes)It all begins with the cow. A purebred herd backed by over 40 years of AI has been selected for function first. Females must be easy-fleshing, have excellent confirmation, adequate milk and structural correctness to stand up under commercial ranching conditions. Ease of calving has been emphasized for generations as evidenced by the average Birth EPD of l.4.  Many customers sell calves at weaning, thus, Wagonhammer cattle combine growth & eye appeal that attract the feeder calf buyer. Wagonhammer has its own feedlot where it feeds out the calves from its 1500 head commercial cow herd as well as calves it purchases. We understand full well the importance of carcass traits as we have been collecting carcass information for over 30 years. Wagonhammer calves are known to balance lean red meat production with adequate marbling needed to meet the choice grade. Total Performance isn't just a slogan at Wagonhammer, we use our own genetics in our commercial cow herd and in our feedlot. We judge first hand how our cattle perform. They work for us and we're confident they'll work for you.

wh0.gif (87 bytes)The elite cows of the Wagonhammer commercial herd are bred to raise club calves. Wagonhammer club calves win nationally. View our recent winners on the Walk of Fame.  Wagonhammer club calves are truly "The Winning Kind."


wh0.gif (87 bytes)Wagonhammer is owned and managed by The Jay Wolf family. The business was founded in l9l0 by Jay's Grandfather and Great Uncle, Julius and Max Wolf.  They were followed by Julius' son Jim.  Jim was a state and national leader in agricultural, public service and charitable organizations.

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    Myron Benes


wh0.gif (87 bytes)Myron Benes, who has been with the Company since l978, is in charge of sales and the breeding program. Myron enjoys visiting about Angus, Charolais and club calf cattle. Give him a call at 402.395.2l78 (off) or 402.395.6962 (eve) if you wish to discuss our sale offering or just want to talk cattle. He enjoys both.

wh0.gif (87 bytes)Wagonhammer is blessed with many long-term loyal employees. They've been with us an average of 13 years. That is a lot of dedication and experience working for you.  They include Arlyn Wilke, Feedlot Manager/Farm Manager; Steve Shermer, Ranch Foreman; Bill Kettler, Asst Feedlot/Farm Manager; Andy Drueke, Registered Herd Foreman; Pat Neidhardt, Office Manager; Don Kahl, Tom Shaw, Alan Snider, Steve Cloeter, Neal Mock, Rick Temple, Lynn Lincoln, Rod Sherburn, Frank Schweers Galen Oesch and Taylor Davis.
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